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Protection of Pakistan Ordinance has been enforced in Karachi: Haider Abbas Rizvi

MQM hosted a dinner party for International Federation of Journalists, Pakistan Union of Journalists, Karachi Union of Journalists and other organizations at the Khurshid Begum Secretariat Azizabad. A group of journalists from Baluchistan also attended the dinner party.

MQM’s Deputy Convener and In-charge Information Wing Engr Nasir Jamal, members of Rabita Committee, elected representatives from provincial and national assemblies, IFJ’s Adviser Pervez Shaukat, President of PFUJ Rana Azeem, Secretary General Amin Yusuf, President KUJ Jamali, Chairman APNEC Nasir Naqvi and journalists from other parts of Pakistan.

Addressing the dinner party MQM’s Rabita Committee member Haider Abbas Rizvi said that we could not ignore the sacrifices of journalists rendered for the country. Whenever anyone tried to attack the country the journalist community acted as a vanguard of the movement. He talked about the repression faced by journalists in Baluchistan. He added that the press in Pakistan does not enjoy freedom of expression like other parts of the world.

Keeley Katana Pre Amp Guitar Effect Pedal

Keeley Katana Pre Amp Guitar Effect Pedal is an innovative device. It is popular among guitarists because of its features. People familiar with the guitar instruments know the importance of effect pedal. It features JFET design that’s why it offers clean tones. It comes with push-pull speedo knob. This can be used by a guitarist to control the device with his foot.

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The country is on the verge of disaster: Altaf Hussain

People say approach courts to get justice. We all should respect the judiciary. The question is? Which courts?

The courts do justice to all. It should punish all robbers/lotters. It should not release one robber and punish the other one. The courts should have one yardstick for all criminals. It should not release criminals on personnel likings. These courts should see the big powerful groups who have been plundering the wealth of country.

Why do courts release these criminals and what ground despite incriminating evidences against them? How do the judges condone their crimes?

The country is on the verge of disaster. Did it reach at this stage on one day? The way the affairs of the country is being is not right.

What does loyalty means? Is means to loot and plunder in different ways and make properties and wealth?

It is distasteful to say but I have to say that if we want to correct things in Pakistan we will have to give the power to a tough and stern person. A person who could deal harshly with dishonest and corrupt people from to bottom to top. On this way we can correct the system of our country.

Looking for a good sonor snare drum?

Sonor offers three types of drums for drummers. The makers of Sonor drums have introduced three series. Artist, Signature and Phonic re-issue series. The company has used best material and designs for their drums.

The  AS 12 1205 AD is a good sonor snare drum. It features a 12 ply Birch shell. The shell size enables a drummer to produce crisp bright sound.

Bollywood copies foreign videos

Bollywood copies foreign videos. This is not a new story. Bollywood has been shamelessly copying films, stories and videos for a long time. They call it inspiration.

TOI has reported:

International artists have been known to lift sequences from other sources, like photographs and artworks. One sequence from the video for Beyonce’s track Countdown seems to be a direct lift from Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s work on Rosas Danst Rosas. The imagery in Lady Gaga’s video for Born This Way is quite similar to that of the Marco Brambilla-directed video Power.


There is no shortage of talent in India. However, our producers and directors are not willing to hire these talented people for work.


One can buy an affordable snark tuner from web stores. This tuner can easily connect with your instrument or stand. It offers innovative features for precise tuning. It features full color display and tap tempo metronome and smooth pitch calibration.

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Modi turns to Muslims voters.

Modi has realized that Muslim votes are important for victory. Muslims are not willing to listen to him because of the tragic Gujarat incident.

Yesterday, he lambasted at his rivals who accuse him of displaying bias towards Muslims. He claims Muslims have prospered under his rule.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of mainly Hindu supporters at a rally in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Modi said his economic policies meant Muslims were better off in Gujarat, the western state he governs, than other parts of India.

Terrorists are trying to intimidate and harass journalists

“ Terrorists are trying to intimidate and harass journalists for their honest and unbiased reporting against them. Journalists should unite to fight against terrorists attacks, “ Mr. Hussain said.

Mr. Husssain has made an appeal to the Prime Minister, Federal Interior Minister, Governor and Chief Minister of Sindh to take serious notices of the attacks on media houses and take actions against the terrorists who have carried out these attacks and make arrangements for the security of media houses and journalists.

Fender Select Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar

The  fender select stratocaster hss an impressive guitar.

This is an improved version of the guitar which was introduced in 2012. The new features includes a ‘"channel-bound" rosewood fingerboard. The company has modified rosewood fingerboard and maple neck. It comes with Bi-Flex™ truss rod system. This system offers stability to the guitar. It has 21 medium jumbo frets.